We sure have some beautiful mountains in Bovec!

If you seek one with a beautiful view, here are some of our favourites:

Difficulty: Medium-hard marked way

Time required: 2h 30min
Equipment: Hiking boots

The trail up to Svinjak starts on the main road in the village Kal Koritnica. When you come to the village pass the restaurant Hedvika, you will find gravel parkingplace 50m down the road. There’s also inscription and sign for Svinjak. Follow the sign and you will soon find water source. The path continues up where you will have to pass a few gates. In first 15 minutes the path wil divide. You can either continue directly straight on – up to the Svinjak peak – or you can turn left and follow the sign for Čelo – opendoor museum with remains from WWI. The path from Čelo then rejoins the main trail which you will follow through the forrest up to the top.


Svinjak – view from the valley; Foto: Slovenia trips


Svinjak – view from the top; Foto: Slovenia trips

Difficulty: medium-hard marked way
Time required to Goričica: 2h
Goričica – Čukla: 1h
Čukla – Rombon: 2h
Equipment: Mountain boots

In the center of Bovec follow the road that passes the church and continue on untill you come to a crossroad – continue straight on and on the next one turn right (follow the inscription for Rombon) towards Rombon. Follow the road untill you come to water fountain. There starts the marked trail to Rombon peak. You can eather hike only up to Goričica where you will find a hunters hut, or continue up to Čukla or even all the way up to Rombon peak.


Čukla; Foto: Teo Žagar


Čukla; Foto: Teo Žagar

Krn lake
Difficulty: Easy marked way
Time required: 2.15h
Equipment: Sports shoes or mountain boots

Trail to Krn lake starts at the end of Lepena valley where you will find mountain hut Dom dr. Klementa Juga. Park your car there and follow the marked trail. On the way to the lake you will find also Hut by the Krn Lakes which is open in the summer season and offers food, drinks and accomodation.


Krn lake; Foto: Ana Pogačar

Kota 1313-Rombon
Difficulty: Easy-medium marked way
Time required to Kota 1313: 2.20h
Kota 1313 – Rombon: 3.40h
Equipment: Sports shoes to Kota 1313; Mountain boots for Rombon

Kota 1313 is the position of Austro-Hungarian artillery observatory during WWI. The trail up to 1313 begins beside parking space of Fort Kluže where you have to cross the tunnel first. In the next 20 min you will come upon Fort Hermann, build between 1897-1900 for the purpose of control the Bovec valley with the heavy guns. Continue the trail up to Kota 1313 where you will find remains of the observatory.
If you want you can also continue the trail up to Rombon peak.


Kota 1313; Foto: Teo Žagar


Kota 1313; Foto: Teo Žagar

Before the hike – consider weather conditions and check the forecast
Wear appropriate sport or mountain shoes
Take enough water + snack(s) with you

+Please keep the nature clean and bring everything back to the valley!



There are few places left on this planet with such an unsoiled nature as our beautiful Soča valley, nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Bovec area is a perfect destination for all nature lovers. High mountains, countless waterfalls, deep caves, crustal clear rivers in combination with adventure sport activities. All that surrounds Hostel Soča Rocks.


Photo by: David Štulc Zornik

Soča valley not only is one of the must see destination to visit in Slovenia, it is also a place full of delightful things to do. Here is a comprehensive list of the 10 musts things to do or see in Bovec:

1. Go RAFTING & explore the river in a good company

D Fotka!

Soca river- sLOVEnia (12)



Rafting is the most popular sport activity in Soča valley. There is no way you can say you’ve been in Bovec without trying to raft down the Sočas’ rapids. BOOK RAFTING

2. CLIFF JUMPING into Soča river


Photo by: Tony Demarco


Soča gorge is one of the most beautiful natural sights in the valley and an important natural treasure in the Triglav National Park. The beautifully carved gorge is 750 long, just a few metres wide and 15 m deep. It boasts mysterious emerald pools perfect for a nice cliff jump!

3. Take a selfie with BOKA WATERFALL at the back


Photo by: fattytomato.blogspot.com


Photo by: www.boka-bovec.si

Boka with its 106 m is the most powerful Slovenian waterfall. During the rainy seasons and when the snow on Mt. Kanin is melting, Boka is truly magnificent! There are 2 options to visit the waterfall: you can climb the right hand side wall till the source or you can decide for the easier left hand side trail up to the viewpoint.




IMGP0220 (2)

Fratarica is one of the hundreds streams in Log valley. Is a beautiful canyon: mysterious and challenging enough to set you on the edge. BOOK CANYONING

5. Try ČOMPE & SKUTA (potato & cottage cheese dish)



Cooked potato with albumin curd (cottage cheese) is a daily meal at Bovec. Sheep curd is a quality source of protein and contains many beneficial microorganisms. Salty curd aged between 10 days to 30 days to deliver the best potatoes. It applies to most often present the dish on the plate in Bovec.    -For more info: http://boveccuisine.blogspot.si

6. Fly like a bird -ZIPLINING

10986931_813308412101591_7405860779141096996_o Soca_rocks_019






Have you ever thought how the birds feel? If you did, you should try to fly 200m off the ground and 70 km/h between the mountains. Zip line challenge can be an unforgettable experience during the day and crazy adventure during the night.  BOOK ZIPLINE

7. BIKE till the view point

12071899_10153527273310735_1836742700_n 20151026_163944






Albert Einstein — ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.’


8. PARTY on Black Sheep’s dance floor

977353_520886184645732_145674994_o 10342412_760102224057459_3044881335203892685_n


Black Sheep bar is the D bar to go in Bovec. Is a place to play tennis, beach-volley and climb during the day & party hard during the night. Check it out: great value for money.









3 km easy hike from Bovec will bring you to the waterfall Virje -place where you can try Cold Water dip, practice yoga or just relax and catch some sun.


10. have a PICNIC at Bovec’s BEACH

Photo by: David Štulc Zornik

Photo by: David Štulc Zornik

That’s the spot where in 2008 movie THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA was shot.  Can you imagine yourself having a great afternoon picnic on the river shore with a view like that… ??!! WELCOME TO NARNIA -FANTASY WORLD OF MAGIC.

Is it worth to come to Soča valley if you only have a day? The answer is definitely YES!

Some people say that it’s journey not the destination that matters & journey to Bovec is for sure one of the most scenic rides in the Alps you can experiment … even if it is only for a day you should not miss it.




6 am

Believe me, even if requires a lot of energy to crawl out of the bed when is still completely dark outside, sunrise from Boka waterfall view point pays it all off.  One of the most scenic Slovenian waterfall is located 6 km away from Bovec town offering great overview of the whole Bovec basin. Sun comes up right behind Svinjak mountain, known as Slovenian Matterhorn. On a clear day is easy to spot Triglav mountain from the same platform by the waterfall as well.

8 am


On the way back to Bovec, stop at the bakery and treat yourself with a nice “Balkan” breakfast. Even though Burek is traditional Bosnian food Slovenians love it. Enjoy eating cheese or meat burek in a good company on hostel Soča rocks’ terrace. Girls at the bar will make a great coffee for you to boost up your energy.

10 am

Is time for some action: 3, 2, 1 …. go RFTING!! Our driver will come to pick you up. Before heading down the Soča river you’ll meet your guides (best guys in town) and you’ll receive the equipment. Just don’t forget to bring a swimwear and a towel with you. On a raft you’ll have a chance to explore most beautiful parts of the river and to have endless fun sliding the raft down from a “penguin” rock!

1 pmBovškikrafi[1]_184482

Lunchtime! Go to Sovdat restaurant and order great homemade food. With hostel’s “sleep with me” wristband you get 10% off on all delicious dishes they prepare for you. Dare to order “ljubljanski” stake … it is bigger than a normal size plate is. They also serve Bovec traditional dessert called “krafi“… so leave some room in your stomach for it 😛

3 pm

Grab the bike and head towards Trenta valley. On the way up you’ll pass the monument of the fallen soldiers of the 1st World War. Cycling by the Soča river rewards you with amazing views of some of the highest Slovenian picks. The main attraction is a great gorge of the Soča river 10 km away from the hostel. Be brave …  jump down the cliff & post your jumping photo on our facebook page.

7 pm

Hostel Soča rocks


Stop at the grocery store, buy your dinner and make a great barbecue with friends on the hostel’s terrace. There is no great dinner without greatest schnapps called Pelinkovec. Is quite bitter buy i suggest you –  give it a try & fell like locals do -although is just for a day :).


10 pm

Black sheep is a place to be if you want to  party and hang out with people from all over the world. Is going on till 3am!!



At 6:30 am when your alarm clock will start to ring you’ll feel glad bus (leaving at 6:50) needs a while before reaching your next travel destination.



See you next time 🙂

Soca river- sLOVEnia (42)

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If you are far away from being a hiker who loves up and downs you can start to train yourself with SOČA TRAIL hike.

The Soča trail runs along the Soča River from its source to the town of Bovec. It connects all natural wonders in Upper Soča valley which every tourist wants to see.  The trail is popular for its picturesque suspension footbridges.

20150814_120035 brv






The trail is 25 km long and it is part of Alpe-Adria-Trail, an international track connecting the highest summit of Austria with Adriatic sea.  The Soča Trial is considered by many to be the most beautiful section of the entire trail.

2016-03-29 21.46.46 2016-03-29 21.48.391st main attraction is the source of the river itself. Short hike up to the karstic phenomena requires lots of concentration. Hold the wires and mind your step. After 20 min you reach the permanent spring where the Soča gushes out of the abyss in a subterranean lake2016-03-29 21.49.15.

Start your walk down along the river…

you can’t always wait for a perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump. 

Visit the monument to Dr. Julius Kugy located on the way and enjoy the view great mountaineer loved so much.


In 1879 Simon Gregorčič, poet from Vrsno village wrote a beautiful song about To the river Soča. Remember his words while walking along its lively stream:

Photo by: Božo Bradaškja For more please visit: http://www.bozobradaskja.com/

Photo by: Božo Bradaškja
For more please visit: http://www.bozobradaskja.com/


Your course is lively and gentle
Like the walk of highland girls,
You are serene as the mountain air,
You are loud as the vigorous
Chant of the highland youth –
You are splendid, daughter of the heights.


Photo by: Božo Bradaškja For more please visit: http://www.bozobradaskja.com/

2015-08-13 20.51.03 Enjoy great view of some of the highest Slovenian picks and take a short walk offtrack to visit beautiful church from 16th century. The upper course of the Soča river is irregular and lively. The narrow riverbed holds a wealth giant boulders, falls, rapids and river islands.

Stop at Metoja restaurant and treat yourself with a delicious cup of coffee or Bovec traditional lunch menu.

Further down beautiful Soča river gorges are waiting for you:

Small gorge of the Soča river is an amazing place to have a great picnic.




Big gorge of the Soča river is a great place to try cliff jumping into a cold water, admire natural wanders and try to learn how to kayak.

20150814_122012_003 20150814_114815 20150814_113831 20150814_103231











Fell like 1st World War solders did and explore the hill full of bunkers above the lively stream of Soča river.

Before reaching the final destination you have just one more MUST stop at “Brjeka” –  Kal Koritnica village… footbridge with a white sandy beach.



V neokrnjeni naravi doline reke Soče leži vas Žaga. V neposredni bližini vasi se nahaja Posestvo Blata, katerega glavna dejavnost je k13151869_217461571973413_4546149790830233840_nonjeništvo. Idila, ki jo ponuja okolje, je lahko s konjskega hrbta pravo doživetje. Posestvo Blata je zaradi bližine reke Soče in mirne okolice popoln kraj zavse, ki se želijo sprostiti in naužiti svežega zraka v družbi konj. Posestvo vam ponuja različne aktivnosti: jahanje ponija za otroke, jahanje velikih konjev za večje otroke, terensko jahanje in celodnevno druženje s konji 

In the heart of Soča valley is located village named Žaga. Posestvo Blata is nearby village and its primary activity are horses. Beautiful surroundings can be unforgetable experience from the horseback. Closeby Soča river and peacefull nature of Posestvo Blata is perfect for everybody who wants to relax in the company of horses. Posestvo offers you different activities: riding pony for children, riding big horses for elder children and adults, trail riding and all day activities with horses. 


Ne odlašajte z odločitvijo! Rezervirajte nastanitev v hostlu Soča rocks in užite izjemno priložnost v dolini Soče!

Don’t hesitate to call! Book your stay in Hostel Soča rocks and get some unique experience in Soča valley!

Hostel: +386 41 317 777

Horse riding +386 40 274 077  (Greta Štor)