TOP Fun facts about Slovenia and Slovenes

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LONELY PLANET described Slovenia as “an earthly paradise of snow-capped peaks, turquoise-green rivers and Venetian-style coastline, Slovenia enriches its natural treasures with harmonious architecture, charming rustic culture and sophisticated cuisine”, and we couldn’t agree more.

To get to know this lovely country as best as you can, we prepared selection of FUN FACTS about Slovenia and Slovenes:
  1. Slovenians are full of LOVE. Did you know Slovenia is the only country with the word “love” in it’s name and capital Ljubljana could be translated “the loved one”.

    Foto: Slotrips

  2. More than half of Slovenian territory is covered in forests. Unlike other countries the wooded ares are in Slovenia increasing.
  3. Slovenians are very passionate about music, apparently after their ancestors. In 1995 archaeologists dug up the Divje Babe Flute which was made of the femur of a bear and it’s believed to be 55.000 years old.
  4. Slovenia is the only modern day European country that was occupied both by Fascist Italy in Nazi Germany.
  5. Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. Plus, you can drive from one part of Slovenia to the other in 2 hours, therefore you can enjoy wine-tasting, skiing and swimming all in one day!
  6. Foto: Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije

    Slovenia has the highest number of caves in the world in comparison to its size.

  7. Slovenian caves are also home to olms, called človeška ribica which can be translated into “human fish”. In the past they were often flooded onto fields during rainy days, where farmers feared them, convinced they are baby dragons.
  8. Slovenia is often mistaken for country Slovakia.
  9. Slovenes love wine, in fact there is a vineyard or winery on every 70 people. The world’s oldest vine is 400 years old and is located in Slovenian town Maribor.
  10. The world’s largest ski jump is in Slovenia. It’s called Planica and is home to many world ski jumping records.
  11. Mont Triglav is with 2863m the highest Slovenian mountain and is also represented on Slovenia’s national coat of arms.

    Foto: Aktivni planet

What about Bovec?
  1. Bovec city has 1570 inhabitants.
  2. Bovec is heaven on Earth for nature lovers and outdoor sports, especially on emerald Soča river such as kayaking, rafting etc.
  3. Ski slope Kanin (2293 meters above sea level) is the highest Slovenian ski slope and you can ski or snowboard only on a natural snow. The resort on the mountain is also open during summer time and from it you can see all the way to Slovenian coast.
  4. Waterfall Boka it’s the highest waterfall in Slovenia.
  5. Bovec is also home to one of the biggest zipline parks in Europe. You can fly on more than 3km of wires and 200 meters above the floor between the mountains Kanin and Rombon.
  6. Triglav National Park was established in 1981 and is one of the oldest natural

    Foto: Zipline Slovenia

    parks in Europe.

  7. Bovec is located around half hour drive from Italy and Austria.
  8. Locals therefore speak special dialect that is basically combination of Slovenian, German and Italian language. Slovenia has in total more than 48 different dialects.
  9. Bovec valley had rough past. It was a place of combat for Insonzo battle during WWI.
  10. The most recognizable dish are Čompe in skuta (cooked potatoes with cottage cheese)
  11. Emerald Soca river has inspired many filmmakers. The

    Foto: I feel Slovenia

    Cronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was among many that were filmed in Soca valley.

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