Mountain trails with best views in Bovec valley

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We sure have some beautiful mountains in Bovec!

If you seek one with a beautiful view, here are some of our favourites:

Difficulty: Medium-hard marked way

Time required: 2h 30min
Equipment: Hiking boots

The trail up to Svinjak starts on the main road in the village Kal Koritnica. When you come to the village pass the restaurant Hedvika, you will find gravel parkingplace 50m down the road. There’s also inscription and sign for Svinjak. Follow the sign and you will soon find water source. The path continues up where you will have to pass a few gates. In first 15 minutes the path wil divide. You can either continue directly straight on – up to the Svinjak peak – or you can turn left and follow the sign for Čelo – opendoor museum with remains from WWI. The path from Čelo then rejoins the main trail which you will follow through the forrest up to the top.


Svinjak – view from the valley; Foto: Slovenia trips


Svinjak – view from the top; Foto: Slovenia trips

Difficulty: medium-hard marked way
Time required to Goričica: 2h
Goričica – Čukla: 1h
Čukla – Rombon: 2h
Equipment: Mountain boots

In the center of Bovec follow the road that passes the church and continue on untill you come to a crossroad – continue straight on and on the next one turn right (follow the inscription for Rombon) towards Rombon. Follow the road untill you come to water fountain. There starts the marked trail to Rombon peak. You can eather hike only up to Goričica where you will find a hunters hut, or continue up to Čukla or even all the way up to Rombon peak.


Čukla; Foto: Teo Žagar


Čukla; Foto: Teo Žagar

Krn lake
Difficulty: Easy marked way
Time required: 2.15h
Equipment: Sports shoes or mountain boots

Trail to Krn lake starts at the end of Lepena valley where you will find mountain hut Dom dr. Klementa Juga. Park your car there and follow the marked trail. On the way to the lake you will find also Hut by the Krn Lakes which is open in the summer season and offers food, drinks and accomodation.


Krn lake; Foto: Ana Pogačar

Kota 1313-Rombon
Difficulty: Easy-medium marked way
Time required to Kota 1313: 2.20h
Kota 1313 – Rombon: 3.40h
Equipment: Sports shoes to Kota 1313; Mountain boots for Rombon

Kota 1313 is the position of Austro-Hungarian artillery observatory during WWI. The trail up to 1313 begins beside parking space of Fort Kluže where you have to cross the tunnel first. In the next 20 min you will come upon Fort Hermann, build between 1897-1900 for the purpose of control the Bovec valley with the heavy guns. Continue the trail up to Kota 1313 where you will find remains of the observatory.
If you want you can also continue the trail up to Rombon peak.


Kota 1313; Foto: Teo Žagar


Kota 1313; Foto: Teo Žagar

Before the hike – consider weather conditions and check the forecast
Wear appropriate sport or mountain shoes
Take enough water + snack(s) with you

+Please keep the nature clean and bring everything back to the valley!



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