Loška Koritnica Valley

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loška koritnica
It is located between the mountains of:

– Srmška glava,
– Mangrt,
– Kotovo sedlo,
– Jalovec and
– the famous Loške stene rock walls.

It is one of the most beautiful alpine valleys, where you can enjoy the peace and the beauties of nature.
The valley can be entered at end of the village Log pod Mangrtom in the direction of Strmec.
Immediately after the bridge (before the end of the village) we turn right onto a narrow road which leads to the HE Koritnica.  The road becomes a gravel road, suitable for cycling and walks almost to the end of the valley.
Along the valley flows the Koritnica River, which springs to the east of the hunting lodge and flows for about 500 m, then sinks into the gravel and at the village flows in the riverbed again.

Across the meadows, grassland and picturesque forests, dwarf pines and alpine pastures, the view reaches barren rocks which form an amazing alpine amphitheatre.

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